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How to Turn Your Second Home into an Airbnb

How to Turn Your Second Home into an Airbnb

Turning your second home into an Airbnb can be an excellent way to generate extra income. Whether it's a cosy cottage by the sea or a chic city flat, renting out your property to travellers can be both financially rewarding and personally satisfying. Here's a simple guide to get you started.

1. Understand the Commitment

First and foremost, you must be aware of the commitment required. Managing an Airbnb is similar to managing a small company. You'll be responsible for managing reservations, interacting with visitors, and upkeep of the property. It's important to give your visitors a relaxing and enjoyable stay rather than just collecting the rent.

2. Check Local Regulations

Before you dive in, check the local regulations and laws regarding short-term rentals in your area. Some cities have strict rules, including licensing requirements, safety regulations, and limits on the number of days you can rent out your property. Ignoring these regulations can lead to hefty fines and legal trouble.

3. Prepare Your Property

Next, you'll need to prepare your property to be guest-ready. Here are some key steps:

Declutter and Clean

Clear out clutter and personal belongings. A neat, organised area draws visitors and gives the impression that your home is larger and more inviting.

Furnish Comfortably

Invest in comfortable, durable furniture. A good bed, a cosy sofa, and functional kitchen appliances can make a big difference in guest satisfaction.

Stock Essentials

Make sure you have basic conveniences like bed linens, clean towels, and toiletries. Consider what you would value if you were visiting a place for a few days.

Add Special Touches

Consider adding some unique touches to make your property stand out. This could be local artwork, a welcome basket with snacks, or a guide book with your favourite local spots.

4. Take Great Photos

Photos are one of the most critical aspects of your Airbnb listing. High-quality images can attract more guests and higher rates. Here are some tips for taking great photos:

  • Use     natural light as much as possible.
  • Highlight     the best features of your property.
  • Include     photos of each room and any unique amenities (like a hot tub or stunning     view).
  • Consider     hiring a professional photographer if your budget allows.

5. Create a Compelling Listing

You have the chance to market your property to prospective visitors through the description of your listing. Be truthful and specific. Emphasise the special features of your home and the reasons visitors would want to stay there. Provide details about the neighbourhood, points of interest in the area, and any unique features your house may have.

6. Set a Competitive Price

Pricing your property correctly is crucial. If you set the price too high, you might not get many bookings. If you set it too low, you could miss out on potential income. Research similar listings in your area to get an idea of the going rates. Also, consider using Airbnb's smart pricing tool, which adjusts your price based on demand.


7. Be a Great Host

Once your listing is live and you start getting bookings, the real work begins. Here are some tips for being a great host:

Communicate Promptly

Respond to guest inquiries quickly. Good communication can lead to more bookings and better reviews.

Provide Clear Instructions

Make sure guests know how to check-in, use appliances, and where to find things. A detailed house manual can be very helpful.

Be Responsive

Resolve issues promptly if they arise while a guest is visiting. This could entail setting up a repair or just expressing regret and giving something little, like a bottle of wine.

Ask for Feedback

Encourage guests to leave reviews. Positive reviews can boost your listing’s visibility and attract more bookings.

8. Consider Professional Help

If managing an Airbnb sounds overwhelming, you might want to consider hiring a professional Airbnb management service. These services can handle everything from guest communications to cleaning and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of hosting without the hassle.

9. Keep Improving

The best Airbnb hosts are always looking for ways to improve. Pay attention to guest feedback and make adjustments as needed. Little upgrades and thoughtful touches can lead to better reviews and more bookings.


Turning your second home into an Airbnb can be a rewarding venture. By following these steps and staying committed to providing excellent guest experiences, you can transform your property into a successful and profitable rental. Happy hosting!


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